The Youth-Check

The youth-check was put in place to assess the impact of legislation on young people aged between 12 and 27 years. This effectively makes the youth-check a legislative impact assessment tool and a contributor to good legislation. The check gives visibility to the intended effects of projects and reveals their unintended side effects.

Operational details of the check

Applying scientific methodology and in keeping with a standardised format, the legislative projects are checked as part of the interdepartmental coordination process. Specifically, their potential impacts on young persons are identified across six life settings, such as “leisure time“ or “politics and society“. Currently, eleven impact dimensions are being explored, among them “protection from violence” or “mobility”. The checks are differentiated by groups of young persons and set out the impact in detail and in a straightforward manner.

Checking and sensitising

The youth-check acts as an examination and sensitisation tool. It reveals the impact on young people of planned legislative projects. This aims to draw more attention to young persons’ interests and circumstances of life. The youth-check was developed by the Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment and Evaluation (InGFA) in cooperation with a workshop group made up of youth policy experts.


The examination results are condensed into youth-checks. Ahead of parliamentary deliberations, the Competence Centre Youth-Check (Kompetenzzentrum Jugend-Check) shares the youth-checks with the decision-makers and makes them accessible to the public at These postings serve as contributions to social debate and as a decision-making basis in the legislative process.

The Competence Centre Youth-Check (ComYC)

The Competence Centre Youth-Check (ComYC) serves to advance and implement the youth-check. The ComYC is a project initiated and run by the German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV). It receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) within the framework of the latter’s youth strategy.

Advisory Board

The ComYC can count on continuous guidance and counselling from an advisory board that is appointed by the FÖV. The members of this advisory board bring diverse types of youth policy and scientific expertise on this age group’s settings and circumstances of life to their work. A personnel overlap with the pre-existing workshop group ensures continuity of counselling.

Further development and participation

The youth-check methodology is continuously reflected on and developed further. For this purpose, the ComYC maintains a permanent exchange with political and civil society institutions.

Participation formats

The ComYC places much value on young persons‘ perspectives and opinions. Thanks to participation formats, the experiences they make in the most diverse situations in life inform the further development of the youth-check. Serving as experts on their own matters, they provide feedback on the examination tool. The results are used to take the youth-check methodology further. The youth-check itself is no participation tool and may not be misunderstood as a substitute for youth policy participation. It serves to inform and sensitise political decision-makers in an effort to remain mindful of the impact on young people of legislative processes and public debates.


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